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Fitness Tips: Part 2

Fitness Tips (part 2) Staying motivated is one of the biggest problems that arise for both new and regular fitness persons. Use the following points to help you achieve your goals. Set Achievable Goals: Start with reasonable and achievable goal. At first start with a goal you know you can meet. Make that goal and feel good about it, then set another. Reward yourself each time you reach your goal with some thing you like. Visualize Your Success: On days you find it hard to start your program, imagine how you look and/or feel on meeting your next goal. Picture yourself having made that achievement and then get to work. Alternatively visualize how you may look if you don’t keep up the good work. Monitor Your Progress: Keep a daily diary or log of your activities and progress. This will not only show a record of your success, but also serve as a reminder of all your efforts so far, don’t let them go to waste. Work-Out with A Partner: There is nothing like having some peer pressure to help keep you going. Find someone who is fun to be with and has their own fitness goals similar to yours. Together you can enjoy some quality time and help motivate each other. Play Your Favorite Music: Listening to music while you workout can help keep it interesting, relaxing and fun. Get Some Focus Reminders: Place a special picture, note or object where it will serve as a reminder of your promise and commitment to get and stay fit for living. A photograph of your family, a photo of how you used to look, good or bad, whatever makes you tick. Don’t Push Too Hard &; Stay Hydrated: Unless your training for some athletic activity that requires otherwise, don’t work your self harder than necessary. Always listen to your body. Proper exercise does not require pain. Keep a water bottle handy, and take regular intakes of fluid, a dehydrated body cannot function properly. Dress Comfortably: Don’t worry so much about how you look, but more about how you feel. Dress in loose fitting, comfortable clothes that are made for working out. Wear Appropriate Shoes: Take care of your feet. Wear comfortable shoes that can breathe and offer support. You may want to consider a special pair of shoes you’ve set aside just for exercising. Wearing sports socks will also reduce the risk of blisters. Workout on A Set Schedule: You get up, you dress, you eat, you work, etc. Makes sure you program in your exercise time with as much concern as you do these other basic necessities. Manage the 168 hours well each week, and it will be easy to fit in some quality training time, because your life depends upon it. Do Something: Every little helps, going to the gym three times rather than twice a week is 50 % more, add that to walking around the office a bit more. If you can’t workout three times a week, then set a goal to do it only once or twice, achieve that goal and feel good about it. Review Your Priorities: Take time out to look at your daily activities and priorities. Are they what you want? Is improved quality of life one of them? How badly do you want or need them? Create Variety in Your Program: Something about the spice of life…it’s too true. Variety in your fitness program not only keeps it interesting and fun but also stresses different muscles giving you a more rounded workout. If you like to walk around the block each day, try going the other way or simply on the other side of the street. Practice Positive Self Thinking: Your exercise time, is time for you. So double the benefit and use that time to strengthen your psyche as well as your muscles. Think about your strong personal attributes, how they have helped you in the past and how they will help you in the future. A healthy mind helps you achieve a healthy body. Get the support from Friends and Family: People who care about you will help support your goals. Tell people what you are doing, and the more people who know the more support you should get. Do a class: With a number of various classes around you can easily find one suited to your own fitness requirements. Before the class starts, tell the instructor that you are new, so that this way they can monitor you.

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