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‘Wealth of knowledge about the human body’
“For me, staying in good physical shape is not a choice, it is a necessity because of a recent history of heart disease. I have worked with Jason for over a year now, and I am impressed with his wealth of knowledge about physical training and the human body. Jason’s mastery of this subject is not a theoretical perk; it is important for my survival that Jason gets things right and helps to maintain my body of good physical shape. He keeps me motivated with a diversity of new routines, pushes me to work hard, and has exceeded my expectations.”
-David T.


‘Serious results’
“Jason is a storehouse of sports and exercise knowledge. His real gift, however, is his ability to translate his expertise into practical training tools and personalized workout programs that generate serious results. Jason emphasizes the importance of investing in yourself by starting with overall health — from what you eat to how you train. With Jason’s support, I was able revamp how, when, and what I eat, as well as develop a comprehensive training plan that optimized caloric burn, strength, and power. Jason doesn’t offer a one-time quick fix. He helps you create a fun and sustainable lifestyle of health!”
-Jenni S.


‘High expectations’
“I’m not an easy client.  Could be, lots of folks feel that way, but I, myself, am a personal trainer so I have high expectations of who I choose to have train me. I’ve been working with Jason for about 10 years and don’t regret one penny or one minute spent.  Jason values my opinions, listens to my requests and challenges me regularly.  I’ve referred many folks to him who have also been equally pleased with his work.  I appreciate the time he spends on creating my programs and going over them with me.  The workouts are never boring and have helped me maintain strength for all my other physical activities.  I can say quite literally, I couldn’t do pull-ups without him!”
-Shannon D.


‘More education than training’

“I think that one of the best things he taught me was how to think about exercising correctly. In fact, eating correctly also. It is more education than training. Both of which can last a lifetime.”
– Garry R. 


‘Patient and intuitive’
“I have been training with Jason for the past few years. He is very patient and intuitive to my individual needs.  He also pushes me and holds me to task, which is exactly what I need.  I would highly recommend Jason to anyone looking for a compassionate personal trainer with a big heart.”

 – Steve W.

‘Custom workout plans’
“Jason is a great trainer.  When he creates my custom workout plans, he always makes sure that I am progressing toward my goals.  On those days when I am lacking motivation, he makes sure I still get in a good workout.”
– John B.


‘The top of the best of the best’
“I am not a weight-room kind of gal. I’ve always been a group-exercise and dance class fan. Jason McQueen changed my mind.

I ended up training with Jason after a series of what I thought were unfortunate changes, but turned out to be major blessings. I moved to a new town, and with it, my regular exercise routine was disrupted. I originally went to Jason for advice on effective programs I could try at home. I quickly became hooked on working out with him in person.

Talk about effective.

I have taken hundreds (literally, hundreds) of different fitness classes over the last five years, due to my career as a fitness writer. I have exercised with the most amazing athletes in the world. Jason rises to the top of the best of the best.

First and foremost, he knows his stuff. He is incredibly intelligent and can answer any question you ask him. He is so friendly, peaceful and approachable that you feel comfortable asking him anything.

Jason McQueen bases his personal training on well established facts about anatomy, health, fitness, and movement — not trends. His programs are indisputably intelligent, brilliantly functional, truly fun, ever changing, and the most effective programs I have ever experienced.

As a woman who is not a pro athlete — just a regular mom who wants to look good in a dress — I normally would not sign up for personal training that uses weights. I didn’t think I needed strength-training, or I feared it would bulk me up. Fill in the blank with various excuses. I just didn’t do it.

But remarkably, strength-training carried over into the activities that I love so much, particularly dancing. After about three months of training weekly with Jason, I tried my first aerial silks class, and I was astonished — I could do so many of the moves that I never thought I could. It was because of Jason’s strength-training that I was able to discover a deep, joyful passion in my heart for aerial dance — a passion I may have never known or been able to realize, if I had not been strong enough. Recently, I enrolled in the Aerial Dance Festival, a world-renowned event. Not only was I able to succeed in these workshops, but I did not get hurt or ever feel like I might.

That’s another thing: Working with Jason has enhanced my overall body awareness. I understand how muscles fire, and how to use the right ones to do certain movements — how to keep things out of my lower back and neck, how to properly align my body so it can move most efficiently and optimally. This keeps me safe in all aspects of my life, and it also keeps my mind feeling connected with my body. This matters to me on intangible, emotional levels, as well as functional ones.

Jason goes out of his way to encourage and support his clients, and he is flexible, likable, and never intimidating. When I have to miss a week, I feel incomplete. I miss it so much. After I leave, I feel confident, energized, and happy.

Jason has transformed my understanding of fitness, the voices in my head that slowed me down in the past, the shape of my body, and the pathway of my future activities.

I cannot express my gratitude for all he has done for me, no more than I can find enough words to recommend him to everyone who wants to feel wonderful and enjoy life more. ”
-Aimee H.

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