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Kinetix Fascial intergration

Kinetix™ is a powerful method of addressing and healing pain and dysfunction within the fascial, musculoskeletal and nervous systems.  Kinetix is an amazing technique to enhance fascial health.  There are a lot of methods and products out there that target fascia, but most attempt to manipulate it from the outside and force it to change (which rarely works or lasts). When you work with me we will pin your fascia and you will get your fascia to change itself (through movement) from the inside out. Imagine stepping on a resistance band with your foot, and pulling the band in opposite directions.  This technique will increase mobility, reduce inflammation and even eliminate pain.  The reason this work is so effective is because we’re utilizing interoception, exteroception and propriocetion (your perception of your internal environment, your perception of your external environment and your ability to detect your body in space and then move your body within that space) all at the same time, along with nervous system engagement to create change within the fascial matrix, and by extension – the body (muscles, tendons, joints, nerves) and brain.

Kinetix fascial release
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